Thursday, November 5, 2009

Recent Purchases #1

Dear Gentlemen,

The feedback so far has been overwhelming for me. My stat counter reads over 650 unique visitors in past couple of days, I've been getting a lot of great emails and feedback about the blog and it's all great motivation for me to keep this thing running and start posting more and more.

In my last entry, I mentioned that I would be updating every now and so my recent purchases...So let's get right into it! Here's a few things I picked up within the last couple of weeks:

Uniqlo Skinny Fit Cords. Price: $39.50

Corduroy pants are the perfect replacement for my light-weight cotton trousers I loved wearing in the summertime. I had purchased a pair of Topman skinny fit Cords last year but the fit was a bit too slim for my liking. The fit on these however are absolutely perfect; I believe they are based off their very popular T-000 (Skinny Fit-Tapered) model. With the weather turning colder each day, I believe I'll start wearing these as much as I can (I'm actually going to go back and pick up a couple more pairs in different colors!) They are unbelievably comfortable and the texture seems perfect for the Fall/Winter. Also priced at slightly under $40, you cannot go wrong with these. I sized up 1 size on them and couldn't be any happier at how they fit and feel. I definitely recommend picking up a pair of these, you won't be disappointed.

Clarks Black Suede Desert Boots Price: $84.50

My first posting included some information about these boots. The desert boot is my favorite pair of shoes I own and I just needed them in another color way. The suede material looks great in the Fall and how these shoes are able to match with my entire wardrobe makes it an obvious choice to wear whenever I leave the house. I ordered this pair from and received them the next day with their free overnight shipping policy! They also offer the "Cash Back" option when you go through their website using the Bing search engine. The % cash back offered differs everyday, anywhere form 1-30% so be aware of that if you decide to order a pair.

Uniqlo Heat Tech Long Sleeves/ Long Johns Price: $10.50 Each

These were actually my favorite recent pickup. I usually get cold pretty easily and would try and layer as much as I can during the winter times to keep myself warm. Uniqlo Heat Tech saved my life. I bought my first pair of these last winter and they literally helped me survive until the Spring season. These are great for wearing under your everyday clothes, whether you go on an outing or stay at home and bum all day. Not only are these super comfortable, they will retain as much heat as possible under your clothes to keep your entire body warm. Sure wearing these alone might make you look like a joke but they're fine when they're covered up with pants and a warm top. They introduced Heat Tech socks as well this season, when I go to pickup some more Cords, I'm gonna grab a couple pairs of the socks as well(My feet are freezing as I write this). These should make great gifts for the family during the holidays and they'll only cost you $21 for the set!

You can see my reflection in the 2nd pic haha

Here's what it says on the back:
1.) Heat Generation : When HEATTECH absorbs body moisture, the movement of tiny droplets actually generates heat to keep you warm
2.) Heat Retention: Air pockets between the fibers retain both body warmth and the warmth generated by HEATTECH's moisture absorption.
3.) Odor Control (What!): A special antibacterial agent in HEATTECH helps to minimize odors.
4.) Stretchable Comfort : HEATTECH stretches to give you a perfect fit and maximize comfort.
5.) Quick Dry : HEATTECH fabric wicks away and quickly dries moisture. Perspiration dries up instantly, so the fabric remains dry and refreshing.
6.) Anti-Static: The fiber also reduces discomfort from static electricity, especially when putting on and taking off the garment.
7.) Non-Deforming : Highly resilient and durable, HEATTECH maintains its shape even after repeated washing.

It does all this for $10 bucks?!?

Closing Words: As I talked about before, to minimalize spending you should only buy things you know you will wear, and all of these are pieces I will need and love to wear this season. I didn't spend too much and got 5 great items that'll keep my shopping addiction quelled at least for a little bit. If you don't live near a Uniqlo, you can call their Soho store at: (917) 237 - 8800 and complete a phone order.

Thanks for reading and start posting some comments guys! Thanks for the past comments and I really enjoy reading/responding to all your emails. Cheers


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